Welcome to The Hungry Goat!



Welcome to the herd!

The Hungry Goat was born in January of 2019 – an idea to help us meet the needs of the community (read more here). Now, more than ever, we see that business model is truly making a difference in the community. 

We specialize in carryout items, fully cooked, that are easy to reheat and serve. They are all served family style, sized in various person amounts. We also have a strong catering business that caters to office, parties, graduations, and more. We love what we do, our customers, and the communities we serve. If you would like to customize a menu for a catering, we are happy to create something special for you!

We currently have 3 locations. Thanks to our amazing customers, we have had opportunities to expand into other neighborhoods to feed more families!

As added precautions, our entire staff has completed a special COVID-19 training for takeout service. We have many more precautions in place and are committed to keeping our staff and customers safe (and well fed).

Thank you for supporting our small business during this time! We greatly appreciate your love!